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 Reconstruction Consulting Seminar

Laid Off? Job closed down? Can’t find work? How many people do you know personally with credit concerns? Seeking a professional to perform credit reconstruction requires a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable individual. Poor credit has and will continue to inhibit millions from obtaining employment, insurance, credit, utilities and peace of mind. This twelve hour, two day seminar,  is a rewarding home or office based business opportunity. It will equip you with the knowledge to assist consumers burdened with credit concerns to get back on track financially and possibly be the opportunity for you to never seek employment again.

Millions of individuals and businesses are turned down for employment, insurance, a home, office or car due to Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, Judgments, Repossession, Foreclosures and Collections. Many are TIRED of creditors saying NO because of credit.  The course consists of;

Credit 101- What is credit?

Building Credit- When to apply for credit and why

Understanding Credit- Fixed, Variable, Prime, Sub Prime, Revolving, and Installment

Credit Cards- How many  are needed?

Credit Report- Reading and understanding the report

Credit Scores- What is a good score? Poor Score

Credit Repair- Step by Step

Debt Management- After the fact

Privacy and Security- Consumer protection

Consumer Credit Laws- What are my rights?

Fair Credit Reporting Act- How will this protect me?

Seeking employment, obtaining insurance, owning or refinancing a home, purchasing rental property and individual or business debt consolidation is a rapidly growing concern within today’s economic crisis. Applying the knowledge and working your business can Earn unlimited income!! Work your own hours, full or part time. The more you work the more you earn. Vacation when you like. The choice is yours.  This seminar is a must!


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