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Money Train – February 2018


Welcome to The Money Train, the link of communication for Tymar Management. My responsibility is to relay vital information to targeted audiences for First, I  receive input from a variety of sources. I forward the received information to the appropriate party. Some information, after review of submission will possibly be published in next issue of  Money Train.  If you have news to publish, contact me. The deadline for submissions is the 25th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your input should fit into one of the following three categories:

1.Toot your Horn (outstanding sales, promotions or solution story)

2.Professional (training information, meetings, advertising, workshops etc.)

3.Personal Effects (getting married, buying a home or anything else you want to share). I would love to hear what you have to sayTalk to the Train, the Money Train.



WoooWhooooo!!! Lula M Short, VP Sales and Marketing, is Tymar’s  award-winning sales and management professional. The Tymar Planning and Development division of Tymar Management focuses on what Lula does best, train newcomers, seasoned entrepreneurs and sales and management staff.

Tymar Management is proud to announce our new division, PEHrakh Yahfeh, “Beautiful Flower“. Our very own VP of Sales and Marketing, Mississippi Master Gardner, Lula M. Short’s team performs complete yard crashing (landscape transformation) revitalizing landscapes with botanical artistry. Lula, a lover of landscape; Home and garden projects room additions, sun rooms, pergolas, hammocks, unique and traditional benches and flower-pot design is determined to retire from Tymar and work even harder working in yards. Doesn’t sound very much like retirement huh? She’s very excited about her retirement dream of landscaping. PEHrakh Yahfeh is taking orders for raised beds and organic gardens! Call 662-272-8471 for an appointment or message us. Take a moment to visit and like PEHrakh Yahfeh on Facebook.

Ice cream tulipsPEHrakh Yahfeh has partnered with Seven Anthony Designs for construction of their exclusive line, Azariah Ella. This beautiful line features unique and different outdoor furniture with original artistry designed to enhance any landscape. Seven Anthony, Azariah Ella and PEHrakh Yahfeh’s collaboration will  surely increase your property value as well as personal enjoyment.

Tymar ManagementA brand must be a consistent message of who you are. Your brand is your business’ identity. It should be the same within all your marketing efforts, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website, or business card. It’s not about just a logo but a way for new and existing customers to keep in touch with you time after time.

If you’re self-employed marketing another name other than your own, you are not the brand…. they are. Don’t put forth your hard work only to build someone else’s brand. Working exclusively for someone else’s brand comes with company paid benefits and w 2  forms, not 1099’s. If the products or services you sell don’t come with a 401k or additional benefits, you’re in business for that company and not yourself. Market your efforts so you’re the face of your business with their products. Ask us how you can complement your efforts by honestly and truly branding yourself. Sales and marketing training is available for existing businesses online, in person or on site.

Shrimp Taco w avocadoPleasing Particulars and Palettes will be opening a private venue in Fall 2018, The Garrett, located off the Historic Noxubee County Refuge in the Fairport Community, west of Brooksville, MS. Pleasing Particulars and Palettes, (PP&P), a premier event planning and catering service will be equipped to prepare great food, cakes, pies for what ever occasion that comes up. Whether private, home, office or work, PP&P will be your great choice. Enjoy appetizing American, French, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese and Soul Food. Visit PP&P on FB to check out their line of services. 

The Garrett, will offer a quiet place to relax and dine. Reservations are required with special services available for Members Only. Message us for further details on member services and rates as they become available. The site, currently under construction by Build One, an upcoming contractor in Brooksville, Mississippi. We are all excited to be a part of this adventure. I heard something about Shrimp and Grits, Gumbo, Ribs, Specialty Sandwiches…….The list goes on and on. Subscribe and register for further updates.

Bad credit compareTax time is here and it’s a great time for renovations and home buying. This is a great  time to consider purchasing a home. Do you have Bad Credit Blues? Need to Obtain Credit After Bankruptcy? Visit Complete the short form. It’s time to start over……the time is now. Poor credit decreases the possibility of owning a home in your name, increases insurance costs and decreases employment possibilities. From February 5, 2018 to April 30, 2018,  credit reconstruction will be reduced to $375.00. Appointments Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm by phone or in person. Under normal circumstances, we work hard to have you ready to purchase in 60 days.




Happy Birthday Wishes To: Ra-El Seven Short February 27th















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Most people don’t INVEST the time necessary to discover what they were born for. Most people don’t INVEST enough in themselves to cultivate their natural strengths. Make a decision that you will no longer sit on the side line of your life, Make a decision that you will not make excuses to pursue your dreams. Make a decision that you will not tolerate complacency. You are your biggest treasure, one worth investing in. Even if it takes a life time to discover what your contribution is… The journey of self-improvement and the lives you’ll touch along the way can be the greatest investment of action you will ever do.  COO, Marlon A. Matthews

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