Weather Whether


Twenty Eight years have passed. The United States suffered 78 weather related disasters costing at or above 600 billion. Don’t wait for the financial storm to hit you. Loss of employment or a loved one can cost you everything you’ve worked a lifetime for in a matter of minutes. Perform your Tymar Financial Solutions storm check TODAY. The clock is running!


Purchasing a home in today’s market can be difficult. Frustrated with the turmoil and deception within the mortgage industry, future homeowners have inherited lack of trust within the market.  We have to condition ourselves to ask “Can I trust this person? Does he or she care about me? Does he or she have my best interest at heart”?

The Golden rule is my Golden Rule, Treat everyone with respect. Listen to what’s said. Only after listening and evaluating a client’s concern will I proceed to discuss a tailored workable solution. Everyone’s circumstances are different. My lifetime goal has always been to meet or exceed expectations. Home ownership is not a dream of the past.

Whether you rent or buy, it’s always a good time to own. Rent goes up….interest rates go up. Programs are available for future homeowners with little to no down payments. Don’t make your landlord rich, consider buying TODAY! Leave me message in my comment section below.