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 Lula M. Short II

Tymar Management consists of two subsidiary divisions, Tymar Financial Solutions (TFS) and Tymar Planning and Development (TPD). Throughout my lifetime, I’ve diligently pursued the entrepreneurial spirit. My sales career began at age 8 with a hot dog stand in Chicago transpiring to multiple awards in sales and management. My sons, CEO, Tyrone Short and COO, Marlon A. Matthews coupled with my gran-babies, Ra-El, Marlon II and Maleah, provide my inspiration and aspirations.


Through recent years as with many families and businesses, Tymar Management has experienced challenging times. In November of 2000, I suffered a horrendous back injury which crippled me for years. I lost many loved ones, my mother, my two brothers, several aunts, cousins and friends. Without the Heavenly FATHER, I would not have made it. He enlightened me with clear understanding and efficacious foundation.  He graces my spirit persistently in my quest for knowledge of him and his wonderful kingdom to come.


Our economy is suffering more than I have ever known. Families are struggling to put food on the table and meeting financial obligations. Unemployment has been at an all time high. The mortgage industry being a persistent factor within Tymar Management prepared us to increase our commitment to adapting and energizing the corporate base. Through strategic planning, continuing education was my superlative choice. Re-educating  myself  within the scope of past employment capacities inaugurated fresh boundaries. With my education quest on the brink of conclusion,  our opportunities are  innumerable.


Tymar Planning and Development (TPD), under construction for three years, Opened  March 2012.  To obtain success within TPD, partnering with cutting edge individuals is essential to the projected desired favorable outcome. TPD  seeks to challenge fifty individuals seeking successful entrepreneurship. Winning The Race, my personal sales technique, will be utilized in the comprehensive training program. Each partner accepted in the race, must embrace perseverance, diligence, discipline, integrity and loyalty, to yourself and others. If you diligently seek to win, we will win together, that’s my commitment to “MY FIFTY” which offers no room for complacency, sluggishness, insincerity, laggers and idlers. The components of the race are perseverance, diligence, discipline, integrity and loyalty. If you’re looking for get rich schemes, keep looking. This opportunity is not for you. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you believe your earnings reflect your effort, this could be your opportunity. If you seek to win, we win together. That is my commitment


Up for a fantastic race with a proven, award-winning mentor? Contact Me and post your challenge to become a partner in “MY FIFTY.”  Tell me why, you feel, you will win the race. We’ll meet on the track.
















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