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Tymar Planning and Development

The secret to staying in business is really very simple: Customers! You have to reach your customers and potential customers with a relevant message. Whether the message is to inform them of your products or services, convey your company image, promote good will, or to motivate them to buy right now, one thing is certain: If you fail to plan, You plan to fail.

Within today’s economy, the average consumer after paying living expenses, has less spendable income. For the business owner what this means is, more competition for less spendable income within the market. The weapon against loss of sales and income is and has always been CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you are like many other business owners, you don’t take the time, or if you’re in business, you don’t have the time to develop a written marketing plan. Now is the time to develop a workable marketing plan, tailored to meet service and financial objectives. Placing your eggs in more than one basket will prevent costly mistakes and provide a clear sense of direction in allocating your marketing dollars.

Eggs in many baskets


Tymar Planning and Development, under construction for two and a half years, opened March, 2012.  To obtain success within TPD, partnering with cutting edge individuals is essential to the projected desired favorable outcome. TPD  seeks to challenge fifty individuals seeking successful entrepreneurship. Winning The Race, my personal sales technique, will be utilized in the comprehensive training program. Each partner accepted in the race, must embrace perseverance, diligence, discipline, integrity and loyalty, to yourself and others. If you diligently seek to win, we win together, that’s my commitment to “MY FIFTY” Now known as “10”. 

“10” offers no room for complacency, sluggishness, insincerity, laggers and idlers. The components of the race are perseverance, diligence, discipline, integrity and loyalty. If you’re looking for get rich schemes, keep looking. This opportunity is not for you. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you believe your earnings reflect your effort, this could be your opportunity. If you seek to win, we win together. That is my commitment to “10.”

Up for your  fantastic race with a proven, award-winning mentor? Contact Me and post your challenge to become a partner in “10.”  Tell me why, you feel, you will win the race and I’ll meet you on the track, 2018!!