Money Train- February 2014


I am THE link of communication for Tymar Management. My responsibility is to relay vital information to the targeted audience from Lula M. Short and receive input from a variety of other sources. I send received information to the appropriate party. Some information, after review of submission will possibly be published in next issue of  Money Train.  If you have news to publish, contact me. The deadline for submissions is the 25th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your input should fit into one of the following three categories:

1.Toot your Horn (outstanding sales, promotions or solution story)

2.Professional (training information, meetings, advertising, workshops etc.)

3.Personal Effects (getting married, buying a home or anything else you want to share). I would love to hear what you have to sayTalk to the Train, the Money Train.


Lula M Short, VP Sales and Marketing of Tymar Planning and Development, is an award-winning sales and management professional. This division of Tymar Management focuses on what Lula does best, train newcomers, seasoned entrepreneurs and sales and management staff. WoooWhooooo!!!



Lula M. Short, VP of  Corporate Training is fired up about a cutting edge, ground floor,  and super exciting entrepreneur opportunity. The residual income is unlike no other. This opportunity will compliment any business you may be in currently. Don’t miss this ride, get on the Money Train. Register for Tymar Planning and Development’s Winning the Race, Phase 1, Penning  and Developing Your Brand, AKA Business Plan for the month of March. The sessions will be one on one for each partner on the date and specified time. Schedule your date and time.



If a restaurant only had one item on the menu, how much business would it loose? If you have one brand or line of products or services, how much business are you missing? Do you really only want to be in business with one brand? If a customer isn’t interested in the one brand you offer, do you really want to not sell anything?

A brand must be a consistent message of who you are. Your brand is your business’ identity. It should be the same in all your marketing efforts, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website, or business card. It’s not about just your logo but a way people can relate your services to you. A way to resonate to new and existing customers to keep them coming back to you time after time. If you’re self-employed marketing another name other than your own, you are not the brand…. they are.

Don’t put forth your hard work only to build someone else’ brand. Working exclusively for someone else’ brand comes with company paid benefits and w2  forms, not 1099’s. If the products or services you sell don’t come with a 401k or additional benefits, you’re in business for that company and not yourself. Market your efforts so you’re the face of your business with their products. Complement your efforts by really branding you. Sales and marketing training is available for existing businesses online, in person or on site. Sign up for Winning the Race, Phase 1, Penning  and Developing Your Brand, AKA Business Plan today!!


Rex Lightning, CEO of  Tymar Planning and Development has scheduled Winning The Race, Website Design, Saturday, March 8, 2014,  10:00am to 1:00pm. Interested participants must sign up before Friday, February 28, 2014. 

TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. Imagine planning your own work schedule; Traveling the world; Relaxing by your poolside;  Obtaining endless opportunities to achieve unlimited earnings by recruiting and developing your very own dynamic marketing team. Several exciting and lucrative home based business opportunities are available.


Most people don’t INVEST the time necessary to discover what they were born for. Most people don’t INVEST enough in themselves to cultivate their natural strengths.

Make a decision that you will no longer sit on the side line of your life, Make a decision that you will not make excuses to pursue your dreams. Make a decision that you will not tolerate complacency. You are your biggest treasure, one worth investing in. Even if it takes a life time to discover what your contribution is… The journey of self-improvement and the lives you’ll touch along the way….will be the greatest investment of action you will ever do.


Do you have Bad Credit Blues? Need to Obtain Credit After Bankruptcy? Go to Complete the short form. It’s time to start over……the time is now. Poor credit increases insurance costs and decreases employment possibilities. Appointments Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm by phone or in person.










Congratulations to CEO, Tyrone Short on his wedding October 4, 2013 to Tracee Wilkins Short!

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Happy Birthday  Charlie Turner, February 12th

Happy Birthday Ra-El Seven Short, February 27th


Happy Birthday Barbara Jeff, February 28th


“As for your eyes, straight ahead they should look, yes, your own beaming eyes should gaze straight in front of you.” Proverbs 4:25

May peace be with you….GOD Bless You!