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Rex LightningWhen entertaining what company to do business with, three of several concerns generate thought; Can I trust you? Do you have my best interest at heart? And, last but not least, Do you care about me? The golden rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” is not always taken to heart in most cases. Profitability tends to be more of the concern to the company than the needs of the client. MAM

 When entrusting your interests with Tymar Management, a great level of loyalty, pride, and commitment are employed. Our team utilizes over 30 years of experience in Management Information Systems, Sales & Marketing and Retail Management. Tymar  is unequivocally  equipped with pertinent tools necessary to assess individual and company challenges. In the midst of our pursuit to earn your business, we actively listen to short and long-term goals. Acquiring comprehensive insight of your aspirations and objectives assist Tymar in developing a comprehensive tailored recommendation for your review and approval. Immediate execution of your plan, coupled with our combined efforts should meet and or exceed your short and long-term objectives. Our Services include but are not limited to Business Consulting,  Credit Reconstruction, Mortgage Preparation, Website Design,  Mystery Shopping and Consumer Resolution. 

We also offer:teamwork001

  • Business Planning
  • Retail Development
  • Market Definition
  • Refinement of Quality Customer Care (QCC)
  • Training and Development
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Promotion Strategy Execution Management (PSEM)
  • Curb Appeal 

The most considerable mistake made is the belief and comfort of  stability working for someone else. After years of hard work for corporate America, most have come to realize job security is gone. It is time to embrace your dream. Establish your plan and execute it with Tymar Management. Our skill set is our undeniable driving force. It wails security and overall well-being for our clientele. It’s time for Tymar to help make it happen for you or your company.

Remember, a career comes from your effort and careful planning. If you’re considering entrepreneurship selling only one company’s product builds that company, not you! Consider this. Would you shop at a grocer who only sold their brand or a grocer that sold many brands? Remember jobs are owned by the company you represent: You own your career! Call Team Tymar and let’s talk about branding and name recognition. We are, Tymar Management. Are you ready to Win the Race?

Tymar Management


Tymar Management

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